Charging Tomorrow.

About Us

Our team merges the expertise of seasoned EV charging industry professionals with the fresh enthusiasm of newcomers keen on innovation. With this combination, we aim to offer profound insights and new ideas to address the challenges within the EV charging sector. Our team focuses on managing vast amounts of data in real time, emphasizing security and aiming for 100% uptime.

Adopting a remote-first policy, our diverse team spans seven cities and encompasses five different nationalities, enhancing our collaboration through geographical and cultural diversity. This variety sparks creativity and will allow us to more effectively meet the global needs of our clients. United in our goal, we are dedicated to advancing EV charging software infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions.


We are happy to work with investors who backed generational companies. Project A Ventures spearheaded our pre-seed funding round, with Seedcamp participating.

As an infrastructure layer company, focuses on building the most secure, reliable, and scalable platform for stakeholder collaboration in the EV industry. exists to commoditize connectivity and, thus, fuel the green mobility revolution.